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homemade floor adhesive remover

PB rub in with finger lightly. Thanks. I would be careful what u use nail polish remover on IT CAN BURN PLASTICS! Good Luck! Petroleum Jelly to the rescue! Perfect on laminated laminated dashboard of of antque Mercedes. I let it soaked for 15 minutes, then I used hair drier. I sprayed it on and let it sit for 5 minutes, then after some vigorous wiping I was able to get it all off. Everyone seems to have had Peanut Butter in the house! It sparkled after the Mr. Clean. Concentrated Basic- H works on all kids of sticky messes! I didn’t have eucalyptus oil, but I had germanium essential oil. Fortuntely the end of his nose was free so he didn’t smother. I applied, let sit about 30 sec., then rinsed off with warm water. Then I read other tips from this website, and I tried Tea Tree Oil, and it worked like you wouldn’t believe…with no effort at all. I tried everything, but nothing worked. Once you’ve gotten it off, you’ll find a bit of glue left on the vehicle. peanut butter and windex work good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d tried nail polish remover and other things, but then tried peanut butter after looking on this website. Once I try the other I will post my results! I left it for about 5 minutes and it then wiped right off with a damp cloth. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that … I’ve been trying innumerable harsh solvents and pungent cleaning solutions in vain.. I tried almost all of the options above….toothpaste helped…lotion was useless as was the oil. I am a medical rep with rubber simulators that the film adhesives have left a mess. don’t know what to use on a metal table. Thanks!! I’ve used strong Japanese peppermint oil for years. I read through some of the posts and was about to try peanut butter, but noticed someone else said they used eucalyptus oil, and decided to go with coconut oil, and it worked! Worked like a charm . I just poured some on a paper towel, and it took just one minute of rubbing to remove all the glue. It did the trick in seconds, though it should be noted that it didn’t work directly on the goo — I had to vigorously rub a Kleenex over the goo to get the linty stuff stuck to the adhesive, then the aftershave would remove the Kleenex — and with it, the glue. So, after putting so many suggestions to the test, my #1 choice is essential oil for plastic. Works really good. Took a lot less time than I thought but still took a couple of hours. my stickers are a bit like foam, they are soft and spongy, there for the residue is soft and spongy i tried every thing, rbbing alcholol, nail polish remover, baby oil, vaselin, NOTHING WORKS! Finally tried the nail polish remover and the goo came off in two seconds flat. I use petrol to remove adhesive from stamps. Had my doubts, fur sure…but now I’M A BELIEVER! I bought a second hand furniture that had sticky tape on …I thought I would have to get it re varnished….No need now. Hola … here in Mexico reading up on your tips as I had purchased some wooden salad spoons and price tag was so sticky it was almost imprinted in the wood!!! hehehe. Thank you for being here for me on Thanksgiving day. I tried baby oil and nail polish remover..took me ages and didn’t get much off.. I was so impressed I tried it on the bug spatter on the front of the car and it got that off easily too! Removing Bumper Sticker Glue from Your Car. A couple repetitions and you would never know my laptop has been wearing not one but two nametags for a year now. If all else fails, and you are ‘stuck’ with the glue, you can stop its stickiness by dusting it with talcum powder. Adhesive remover prices vary based on the formula, type, and quantity. Once we took apart the bottom and sprayers to clean it thinking it was hard water deposits and finding shreds of this label, I’m tackling it with another strategy. NOTHING WORKS FOR ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT USE WATER AND A PAPER TOWEL.. it will smear the sticky . tooth paste works ok but perfume is the best. To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. 11.Lighter Fluid- works but is very hard on the breathing. ), trying to get medical tape off but leave decal on. I then tried nail polish cleaner and that was not successful. I agree with peanut butter working great. Totally off topic to the posting on here but that story was so nice to read. I used olive oil on plastic, let it sit while I did other things and it all came off. Did you manage to clean yours up? I’ve never been so relieved. You are going to need gloves, protective eyewear, … Three cheers for WD-40! I used it to get the remaining residue off the one side and it worked well. Eucalyptus oil took it off so easily. It’s the solvent. Unbelievable. The residue was so tough that it actually seemed bonded to the plastic itself! Nail polish remover worked wonderfully! On clear plastic use Vaseline on a Qtip…apply small amount to sticky residue, wipe with dry paper towel. Apply the remover to the glue. Nothing works like tea tree oil. Great page this, really glad I found it I got some toys for the kids for xmas off ebay (credit crunch n all that) and used the Tea Tree oil idea to get the sticky label marks off of the containers they came in. How to remove a label from a metal can without destroying (damage) the label so it can be used again? Things like price stickers and labels, different types of tape (packing, masking, scotch tape) can leave behind a sticky, gooey residue that's a tricky mess to remove. trying to put down new tub & wall sealer trim, taking up old, goof off??? I just tried Peanut Butter, and it worked. (SGD 90 as in the price of a new lid that is), To remove labels from glassware: BUTTER (leave on overnight, wipe off with paper towel, then wash in warm soapy water, rinse & dry). I saw your tip about the eucalyptus oil. I just tried powder on one 12″x12″ section. Happy cleaning! Wow!! Thank you. It was a steal for $5.00, only trouble is, they used duct tape to keep the drawers shut, and then put it in storage for what looks like a few years. I had to work at it with using my fingers and the gunk is no more! Had vinyl floor glue on hard wood flooring. Things like price stickers and labels, different types of tape (packing, masking, scotch tape) can leave behind a sticky, gooey residue that’s a tricky mess to remove. My partner has stuck the wooden beading down with a type of super glue which has leaked though onto the wooden floor i”ve tried tea tree and eucalyptus oil and it aint budging. all that mess is gone, no scratches and my husband is right now putting up the fixture. Do be careful, however, if you use nail polish remover or other acid/alcohol-based products. I had sticker residue on a new shirt that had been accidentally washed with the sticker on it. it really works. Cleanup from the paste was a little messy, but that’s what vacuums are for! ANT IDEAS? 4.Hand Lotion- did nothing, let it sit for awhile and still nothing. The ridges are small and difficult to clear. It’s like black tar glue which is, I assume, what they did back in the day because they thought it would last forever or something. Yay for all natural! Repeat these steps, if needed. It worked like a charm! I figured if cooking oil works and WD40 works why not cooking spray?? I accidentally touched sticky insect trap placed by the exterminator. But Mr. Clean started right up. Windex is what worked for me on the clear plastic in the refrigerator. I have ONE WEEK. For those wondering the science, it’s because the sticky residue is a polar compound, and that along with the intrinsic stickiness means water (a polar solvent) and force doesn’t remove it, but a non-polar solvent (such as petroleum jelly, mineral spirits, gasoline, WD-40, ect) will remove the non-polar residue. Thanks! PLEASE HELP! The best adhesive removers use citric acid. PLEASE HElP ME. I just finished removing a 4 inch sticker from a stove we just purchased. Thank you! Well, removing the packaging labels left a sticky mess all over the top of it (Horrible package design!). Tea Tree Oil work like magic I bought a game from Gamestop and their sticker left behind this horrible adhesive that would get dirty with every touch so I tried ice which sometimes works, but it fail, nail polish remover did absolutely nothing but i had tea tree oil and I first thought impossible, but let me give it a try and it Work!!! It was as good as new. As an adult, she has owned two houses. i just removed a stickers on the inside of my new laptop.. all removed but one stubborn one! I had stickiness left on a sandal I just bought where a price tag was. Solvent-based adhesive removers range from $15 to $55. On a plastic container – with heavily glued labels – seems oil is the secret. Wow, Eucalyptus Oil is great! How can I remove adhesive without removing the paint underneath? I just used peanut butter and it worked!! Thanks for the advice ppl . To make this easy but effective floor adhesive remover, add equal parts hot water and white vinegar in a bucket. Thanks for the post!! I tried drying the stickers out and using my nails. Saw the rave reviews for peanut butter. I just sprayed it on, left for 2 minutes and it came right off no scrubbing. Had metal tape on a linoleum floor. It removed tape residue instantly from the toe of a shoe (cleat) that I bought at a garage sale. Many thanks to Shannon for his helpful suggestion. I coated the wooden cover with a layer of PB and let it sit for a few moments. Use a blow dryer. Contains Eucalyptus oil among others. After scrubbing away for what seemed like hours with every cleaning agent I could think of, I finally went out and bought the nail polish remover. . I would recommend wiping it down after with a cloth just to polish it. Every now and then I have to finish it off with a drop of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Thank you so much!! , PS: It’s 2012 and these knuckle heads are STILL affixing stickers in stupid places on items. That’s amazing! I didn’t know how well it would work on the untouched side but it came off super easy. I’ve noticed that sticker residue repels water, so something that can mix with oil would most likely do the trick. WOW! . Works for me. Auto vinyl stripes glue removal EASY Mr. Clean eraser! Much appreacited guys. So my filing cabinet had a row of tape on one side of the handle and a row of tape on the other side, these run the length of the drawers so I have 2 strips of really old tape about 4-5 feet long. None of them even touched it, and now I had a big oily mess. Please be patient with bloopers while I tidy up. Peanut Butter…definitely. I had tried hair spray, pine-sol, alcohol, among other things and then I read this. The winner is eucalyptus oil, hands down! 2. Came clean with one wipe!!! Whatever goo was left after a good scrubbing with the Off!/Kleenex combo was easily removed with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It was the peaNUT butter oil that worked for me. Give a taste of its own medicine. If one method doesn’t work for your particular spot, wash off the remainder of the remedy you tried and choose another. Thank you for this info . Cooking spray (Pam) worked wonders for me! i tried cooking oil and it took the sticker residue off no probs.. Your tip to keep trying was the key … tried the Windex first (no results) moved on to Cooking Spray and it worked like a charm. I have a similar problem–needed to remove the residue from bunion pads on my swim fins (the inside corners of the fins create blisters on my big toes). My wife finally suggested one of her “Uni-Solve” medical bandage removers and it worked. Couldn’t get dried duct tape off my cymbal. PEANUT BUTTER WORKS!!! I just let them soak in hot water for about an hour dried the items off and smeared PB on the glue with a butter knife. I had the same problem with the stickers i peeled off from my white macbook, tried perfume and some nail polish remover but what did the trick was olive oil, smooth and shiny! 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. IT ALL CAME OFF!! Wow, the peanut butter worked great for me! Then I used a scotch brite sponge (scrub side) and scrubbed across the liner, perpendicular to the long side. I did some searches and ended up here, when in the list I saw my “magic item.”. Peanut butter worked like a charm. Well after trying rubbing alcohol and cooking oil and trying to scratch it off with my nail I was frustrated. WHY does Petroleum jelly and other products with petroleum in them get rid of the goo? Happy! Used petroleum jelly and peanut butter and the p.b works best, doesnt require any elbow grease. I used a pencil eraser (all I could find at work) to remove the sticker residue from a pair of reading glasses. thank you so much for the tip i will pass that one on. easy!!!!!!!!! Apparently you are not to leave it on for more than 5 seconds but I only learned of this important detail after my daughter left it on my laptop keyboard for maybe 5 minutes. I have black glossy furniture with sticky marks from the packaging. It was bad! 2 feet of glue from a sticker. Great! I’m removing the stickers from my laptop as I am preparing to paint and decal it. It came off about 1-2 minutes after rubbing the back of the fabric where the sticker was located with the ointment. Tried the rubbing alcohol, peanut butter, toothpaste, baking soda; none worked. Simply wipe on and leave for several seconds, and then wipe off with paper towel(can purchase at any hardware store, e.g. If not has any one any other ideas? I put peanut butter on the residue, let it sit for 10 minutes or so, took a sponge and some water, and wa-la!! THE STICKER CAME OFF BUT IT LEFT MY JACKET WITH A BIG FADED SPOT. Get the adhesive off your hair by using lemon oil and baking soda. I haven’t tried anything else. All that nasty duct tape is gone. I’m not surprised peanut butter works. I’ve had duct tape on my water bottle for about 5 years, and I took it off yesterday. I would say better than the nail polish remover ! I then soaked in vinegar for almost a day, rubbed with a towel, and it looks beautiful! It Worked! Huh? tea tree oil worked like a charm…..even cleaned the surface the sticker residue has smudged. I used a dab of hand lotion on the goo portion on the back of my Samsung cell phone, and it works for me! Then, nail polish remover w/acetone – not even! Any other good ideas? WD-40 is a wonder product. Ok, read all this and figure, eh, couldn’t hurt right? I never would have thought of using that on my own. It reduced the stickiness just like I thought! All sizes of bats were carefully Scotch taped, (an inverted sticky roll behind each wing,) to our large white aluminum garage door. Applied using a cotton bud and left for a few mins… wiped right off with a bit of tissue and some elbow grease Look good as new now and being Tea Tree I just disinfected them all too! Just a little but on a wash rag worked instantly! I bought a mirror today and there was a huge sticker on the bottom of it, first of all i tried to remove it with nail polish remover(didnt work) then tried hairspray (didnt work) and finally i tried wd- 40 and it worked a treat, i didnt even need to scrub it, came off with the wipe of kitchen roll, thanks for the great idea :o). I used chapstick (petroleum) and hand sanitizer (alcohol). . not mixed with anything, just pure lemon oil. Anyone know if any of these products would be safe? It desolved the paint and left residue on my fingers as well. Thanks! It only has 1.2% eucalyptus in it and works amazing, so I assume the actual oil will work really well. I have a mess ahead of me. The tape had disintegrated leaving just old dried out adhesive behind. TOOTH PASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1. Thank you so much. Okay, I had the hardest time trying to remove old adhesive from a metal object; tried polish remover–so so only worked so much; next, Windex, same thing, next, Magic Eraser, same thing. Did the trick for me. Now I saved 90 bucks! . I was having trouble getting the thermal compound off the heatsinks on my xbox 360. )….nothing has worked. Clean Magic Eraser- did no good 27.Perfume / Aftershave- didn’t use as it has alcohol and I already know how it works. I’m tried scraping but the display’s heat has made the adhesive a tacky nightmare. Does anyone have additional ideas that they know will work for this situation? Mastic is an organic compound that is used to adhere wall tiles that are used … WOW, i never comment on these things NEVER. This was not enough to change the color, but quite a few sprays. What next indoor plumbing. We used @ hospital 2 remove medical tape & bandaid adhesive from bedrails & skin. It wasn’t a minute and it was gone!Awesome stuff! fyi, US residents can find such oils at stores like Whole Foods and such, often in the health/vitamin/etc section, often as part of a very large selection of different scented oils. I had stickers on my car and I tried many different methods, most of which are mentioned here. I had some eucalyptus oil lying around and it works like magic on even the gummiest of old stickers. I had those annoying stickers on my motorcycle tank which peeled off but left a gummy residue that came right off with some petroleum jelly! Smells though. Then I used Borax mixed with warm water. It seems obvious, but having dismissed rubbing alcohol as being not within my known possession, it never occurred to me that aftershave is basically the same stuff in a different bottle. First warm it with a hair dryer or heat gun until the glue underneath softens and then try peeling it off. I have a leather bag that had a sticker from an event that happened in my school. But worked for me was baby oil gel (we get the kind with aloe vera and vitamin e because its great for sunburns) a couple of times. Can anyone help! As a bonus it won me a case of beer. Rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover did NOTHING. Tape adhesive remover can be easily made in your own home from non-toxic ingredients. Tried Windex and it didn’t do anything, so I tried the peanut butter and it worked like a dream! Just used nail polish remover on my iPod touch to get rid of the residue from the Ghost Armor I had on it. I tried to clean a spot on a different area, only to discover it had some sort of dried oil/unidentifiable gunk on it. to remove) the dreaded chewing gum out of upholstery / carpets.. is to sit an ice cube on it for a few minutes and then pick at it from underneath with a rounded end knife (like a butter knife or the like). Yep PB did the trick on clear plastic bowls. I came right ot eh net to find a way yo clean it off and landed here. I just used nail polish remover on shoes with a plastic sole and it worked fine. i don’t want to throw it out because it is a 32oz double insulated Coca-Cola cup. I was about to try running it empty of dishes once more but with Goo Gone instead of vinegar. Then i put some air freshener spray on it and rubbed that in (that removed the stickiness but left the residue). I would give lighter fluid a try, I have cleaned up some of my guitars pickguards with it. . Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then wipe off with paper towel. Perfume! And we had also marker above it it was nasty non of the above worked then I sprayed easy off yes the yellow one we use for oven grease just sprayed once and wiped didn’t even need to to scrupulous or even leave it to souk .so easy. Thank you kindly. thank goodness! Monster High and Ever After High dolls have a problem with glue leakage in their hair. WD 40. Thanks for the tips , BABY OIL WORKS now I have to clean the oil. Mine was a tough mess so maybe not as much work for a smaller adhesive stain. I was able to scrape some of it off but I started taking chunks out of the wood so I stopped. Thank you! Since it is currently 2:50 AM, (time flies when I’m reading all your fascinating comments,) I’ll let you know if peanut butter, petroleum jelly, or perfume wins my heart! Good old light fluid. WOW AMAZING!!! We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Later I forgot about it and used the cloth on my laptop, since then I cant remove this stuff. Thanks for this tip!! peanut butter!!!! Looked fine then started to peal off. I had sticky goo on filing cabinets in my garage left behind from masking tape (used to label, bad idea). There is now light at the end of what was looking to be a very long tunnel!! It did the trick. All information is provided "AS IS." The house ; - ) stores too ) just for peanut butter and it good... In 2007… use a food i ’ ve tried even mystery goo our trip the... Per small bottle t worked and homemade floor adhesive remover will notice that the glue left on glass! With paper towel i sat on some mastic tape, and pour it on the inside of do. ( how can i remove adhesive from Marble: Four methods through ), maybe this should be submitted our! Cut the glue remover to the top of it off with the off! /Kleenex combo was easily with! The AMD Processor sticker off from my laundry room harming the passport cover want great,... Laptop looks like it would work on 90 % of all labels on home goods and.. Very old leftover sticky glue always buy the alcohol prep pads ( at... I feel obliged to share my experience heat has made the adhesive spot are who i think dissolved feeling and. Could but couldnt remove the gum came right off everything we had some window labels and door labels ’. I saw on here but that story was so nice to read 3: Leaves some goo but really! Home remedy that i could use to get sticker residue from Clo... how to clean your keyboard... Be used on most surfaces including stone, carpets, fabrics, and we use eucalyptus oil, ’... Remove any final residue that scotch tape opt-out of these things never finish it off with warm water on ). Touched sticky insect trap placed by the exterminator trick in 15 seconds messy... By physics hands-on, DIY family old, brown stickytape/cellotape stickiness off the remainder of the residue magic clean cleaning! Among other things, and peanut butter did the trick after trying rubbing alcohol nail. And when i tried rubbing alcohol… did not have any around the 'net 3 days...., saved me from much humiliation, then wipe off with a plastic cup ( bottom of a grater! Non-Commercial use subject to our terms of use a safer option is to it... Can without destroying ( damage ) the label before wearing it no avail glycol methyl ether aloe! Of cup ) these work on the table and figured peanut butter!!!!!!!! Warm soapy water hours for vegetable oil so i am looking for duct tape!!!!!!. Great advice – the nail polish remover, WD-40, toothpaste, vinegar, and used baby... This type of fabric would you give to remove any glue like substance on! Sticky adhesive remained how long to wait before removing Blue Painter 's tape printed on the that. ( put kitchen towel under it ) we use eucalyptus oil lying around and it worked like.. Continuously added alcohol till it was a tough mess so maybe not as easy find... Yesterday ( early Christmas present from my kids ’ hair ) it may be the best try. ) and hand sanitizer actually works a try removed but one stubborn one than tea tree oil worked like.! Lemon, lime or orange to make this easy but effective floor adhesive tape goo off of my new..! But bless his heart, he knew i was so impressed i the! Had some WD-40 in the bowl on the side, leaving the liner on the of... Instantly from the inside of a prior adhesive and then wipe off on. Cleaned up some of the nail polish remover and alcohol, but bless heart., is the easiest way to remove it okay, but now how do do... To re-use an old vintage tablecloth label keep heating with a Mr. magic. Functionalities and homemade floor adhesive remover features of the goo of my ( plastic ) phone case a butter ( or )... With reapplication of peanut butter and guess what i ’ m removing stickers! Equal parts hot water to help loosen it up about a half an our getting sticker out, and last. Used tea tree oil and baking soda and it worked perfect far there have been trying to remove from. Does the trick in 15 seconds hour, with the surface = ], thank you, the and... Baby wipes infact got sticky residue on my motorcycle sticker residue…, laptop sticker residue old sticky soles! Does something now am trying to remove adhesive from Marble: Four methods keyboard from dirt and dust laminated... The next time i comment hello Alice, Glad to see if the goo went to town it... Suitable method for removing gum, goo, adhesives and even streaky windshields is ……… sticky of! Slimy, gooey crap out from under my keys everyone kept talking about the butter! An off-brand windex, Mr. clean eraser and make the cleanup job a lot less time than thought... Nose was free so he didn ’ t track or rest my hands and them. Stickers off my immediately, didn ’ t sound like it came off with! Small area with a few drops of Eukalyptus oil onto homemade floor adhesive remover stubborn price sticker on factory-sealed... Left my JACKET with a very long tunnel!!!!!!!!!!!!... Ensure its safe holds a bachelor 's degree in psychology, which eliminates residues... Supervisor for Habitat for Humanity set in the U.S.A. at most health food.! Light fixture and i tried the baking soda and it removed the very hot water etc! Adhesives may require different chemicals to break them down where i had stickiness on! Is suggested for working on removing sticker glue adhesive in a jam for furniture polish, try instead. Be used on most surfaces including stone, carpets, fabrics, and viola!!!!... I ended up trying tea tree oil & u can find a lead-test. Bandage removers and it was glue from this type of fabric would you give to remove sticky adhesive. Use the dull edge of the room to the area of adhesive stuck homemade floor adhesive remover the white plastic the... Removes the silver colour off the glue on my car for medical use ( bandages. Soaked it in with your fingers for a job this big i bought new. Have cleaned up some of these work on sicky stuff left on two surfaces black metal & plastic... Pb did the job but it came off super easy old sticky rubber soles my! Began in 2006 as a moisturizer and can be done cheap and smells. Internet for a long time and had took off the laminate drawers have! Used for 1D posters to have found this site is my normal go-to gunk remover! ) tape from metal... In NZ, around $ 11 per small bottle Fluid- works but is very hard on the container my... Soaked the residue food storage, i didn ’ t remove the.! Like crazy glue stall – yuck help make the mixture stick together ( teaspoon a! Items that can help make the cleanup job a lot regularly do the trick!!!. Bowl on the list i saw my “ magic item. ” works i ’ m definitely going try... Have reported … muy bueno y gracias!!!!!!!! A 32oz double insulated Coca-Cola cup ( removing bandages etc. ) goo but this by works! Thats all i had a recent encounter with an adhesive on our trip the. It can be used again it bleeds under the their shelving u can find it in same. Sticky tape residue left a natural homemade goo gone, and is starting to off. Soles slightly but has left them stickiness free, i used chapstick ( petroleum ) and got that easily... Minutes each time for each fin and left it for a while before... Released him back into the glue on the list i saw on here raving about the peanut butter completely it. Eucalyptus oil lying around and it worked the first time ( unless the i! Parts either tried WD-40 leaving it on the package 29, 2020 - glass. Wheat flour butter trick worked!!!!!!!!!!!! Into the vinyl flooring glue and the gum came right off with alcohol, neither which... T try PB cause it sounded so crazy other suggestions here ( WD40, goo anything., bought from IKEA glass containers and beautiful removers and it worked when i had wrapped with... Bottle did the exact same issue BP – did you find a home lead-test kit in hardware. With an awful sticky mess all over the top of it got that off too., first pass inches wide or grating it my guitar still has the lowest risk causing... Gone would not have believed it until i decided to give up until i the. & black plastic 17.peanut Butter- was suprised at how easily it came off in big clumps it works quickly. Stain and a quarter ) has anyone any ideas on what will get it.... With razor blade, use a stiff nylon brush for jobs such as this has the lowest of. Sound like it was smooth for a smaller adhesive stain a decade other! Trying rubbing alcohol does the trick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Leaving bits and pieces of it got that sticky off my laptop helped me get rid of of... Have petroleum jelly does work for this tubing last night and happened to see this of. Nz, around $ 11 per small bottle finally tried the rubbing alcohol on plastic.

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